Sound Retirement Planning

Are you ready to retire? Let's work together to create your very own "Sound Retirement Plan."  I've learned that retirement is all about cash flow. Your income determines your lifestyle in retirement. Having a good cash flow plan will help you achieve a greater sense of confidence as you prepare for and transition through retirement.

With our step-by-step process we can help you create a financial plan and investment strategy to achieve a greater sense of clarity, confidence and freedom.

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Independent and Client Oriented

We are financial advisers focused on retirement. Parker Financial operates as a fiduciary, we are independently owned and have no outside shareholders or corporate ownership. That means our clients’ interests are second-to-none.

How We Help

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Wealth Management & Retirement

Your life, your health, your family, and your retirement are very serious matters. At Parker Financial, we believe the greatest and most capable hands for these matters are your own hands. Our focus on retirement will aid you in making the wisest and most informed decisions for your future.

At Parker Financial we take a holistic view of your entire financial well-being. It all starts with developing a financial plan around your goals and objectives. We are a fee-only investment advisory firm and we are also insurance licensed and we provide tax planning as part of a comprehensive strategy. When it comes to your retirement, we want to understand how all of the different pieces of your financial puzzle are working and coordinate those efforts to make sure your financial life is optimized and efficient.

What We Do

At Parker Financial LLC, helping you meet your financial needs is our FIRST priority.

Whether you are getting ready to retire, or already enjoying retirement, our team of professionals at Parker Financial LLC can help you determine a strategy that may be appropriate for your financial situation.

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With straightforward advice, Parker helps you plan a retirement based on what's important to you — your personal values, your relationships, as well as your financial goals.

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