We work with individuals and we give advice on – but don’t necessarily recommend – all types of securities, ranging from government bonds through mutual funds and ETFs to commodities. We engage in fundamental security analysis. Our main sources of information are financial newspapers & magazines, research materials prepared by others, corporate rating services, annual reports and company press releases.

Our main investment strategy is investing for the long-term, but under certain circumstances we will recommend short-term investments. On occasion, we may buy or sell securities that we recommend to you. No conflict of interest exists as the securities we recommend are widely held and publicly traded. We always place your interests ahead of our own.

Our minimum size for client accounts is $500,000. When we manage your accounts on a discretionary basis, we limit our discretionary authority by prohibiting ourselves from withdrawing funds and/or securities from your accounts. In addition, discretionary transactions are limited to stocks & bonds, mutual funds and government securities.